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Climate Crisis 101 Presentations for High School

Note: we are also open to presenting outside of high schools if desired. 

Interested in having FFFTO present in your high school?

What We Cover:

  • Climate science 101

  • Causes of the climate crisis

  • Impacts of the climate crisis 

  • Misinformation about climate change

  • Solutions: what people in power can do​​

  • We look at solutions that can be implemented by each level of government:​​

    • Federal government 

    • Provincial government

    • Municipal government

  • Solutions: what young people like us can do!

Also included: key climate targets, Toronto-based climate justice groups, additional resources on the climate crisis.

This presentation is perfect for:

  • Grade 9 civics

  • Grade 10 science

  • Eco or social justice clubs

  • Any other related class

  • Entire schools! 

  • We'd also be open to presenting for any other school body, or for other organizations that want to give their members a basic and thorough understanding of the climate crisis. 

Our Experience

  • We've presented both in small classrooms, and in front of entire schools. Our presenters are young people (some still in high school) who are very engaged and passionate about climate justice. 

FFFTO presentation
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