Weekly Climate Strikes

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Join our Virtual Weekly Strike for Climate Justice!                                       
Fridays for Future Toronto will be holding online rallies every Friday from 11 am-12 pm and the rally will be live-streamed on our YouTube account. Our YouTube account will be linked below! We will be having a different topic every week surrounding climate justice in which you'll be able to take part in a discussion as well as have the opportunity to ask any questions.

If you would like to speak, have any questions or concerns please contact us at

Accessibility: It's on our YouTube Live. Unfortunately we don't have ASL interpreters for our weekly strikes at the moment.

Other Events


Climate and Healthcare Teach-In

Climate Change will intensify current issues with human health due to increases in global temperature, variable precipitation (snowfall, rain), and the rate that diseases are transmitted through water or animals. The effects of Climate Change will create a global environment that is very hostile for anything alive. An increasingly hostile environment will strain healthcare systems worldwide and will cost every government billions in futile attempts to mitigate the damage. These effects will be felt much more in impoverished and marginalized groups of society, such as the homeless for example. The Earth will become increasingly difficult for humans to comfortably live on if we continue with our campaign of destruction against our planet. This teach-in will be focusing on the junctions between our health and Climate Change with the goal of having an open dialogue on the topic to further build collective understanding.

With our guest speakers Dr. Sappong and Helena Kita.



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