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What is CARE about?

Climate Action Requires Education (CARE) consists of an hour long presentation and workshop led by Fridays for Future’s youth activists and is suitable for any class; whether it is English, Law, Economics, Environmental Science, Chemistry, or Biology. We offer this program either online, through video call, or as an in-person experience.

CARE is designed to help students reflect on what meaningful climate action looks like in their personal lives and across their communities, as well as educating on the basics of climate justice and opening space to allow youth to process their feelings and anxieties about the climate crisis. Our program is politically unbiased and fit for presentation in public school settings, as well as clubs, teams and other youth groups.

There are two options you can book. You can book just a presentation lasting about 30min. You can also book the presentation(30 min) plus the workshop (30 min), totalling in 1 hour.

This presentation, lasting about 30 minutes, will give your students a chance to learn about the basics of the climate crisis. We will discuss the impacts we are already seeing, and the reasons why this crisis exists. Your students will also learn about Fridays for the Future Toronto. We will share some information about ourselves, and about our work in the GTA. Finally, your students will be presented with volunteer opportunities as well as ways of getting involved with the climate movement in Toronto.

Workshop and Presentation (recommended):
This workshop is an add on to the presentation which will help your students to better understand the issues being discussed and the ways in which these issues directly affect them. This workshop is 30min, meaning when it is paired with the presentation, the entire presentation will be 1 hour. The workshop gives students an opportunity to dive into their thoughts and feelings on the climate crisis, and discuss that with their peers. It also gives them a chance to look at how they contribute, as well as ways they can help to move towards realistic, personalized solutions. Finally, students will look at how they can partake in action big picture, and small picture.
**Please note that the workshop often does run over time. If you plan to book this workshop in a classroom setting, consider reserving the entire period for the CARE program.**

Please email us at with the subject line "School Speakers," with any questions or concerns.

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